Revived Finds

Re-purposed, Restore, Reupholster

As a child, I can always remember my mom redecorating our home. She was constantly  incorporating new vintage pieces that was given to her or there were “found ” ( meaning somebody else’s trash). Ugh!!! I used to hate when she saw  something someone got rid  of and puts it in our car.  At that time I didn’t have no interest what so ever. It was embarrassing  to me. She would paint things, re purposed, reupholstered  anything she had from tables, chairs, curtain. Even she covered our refrigerator  with wallpaper to make it look stylish and hide some rust on the doors. L.O.L! She was continuously moving things around in the house. Any way I had to admit she was so creative and she still is. By the way she was a seamstress and a really amazing one. Now guess what? I inherited her creativity. Hah!  Now I am picker. I collect, I paint and I reupholster. Love to create, make jewelry, renew furniture, resell etc. etc. Who would think?  And the best part is my husband and me share something in common. He does collect vintage bicycles, radios, cameras and I love baroque mirrors and Queen Anne furniture.  We enjoy going to thrift stores, flea markets, or any place where we find a special items.  I am so glad we can support each other. Here in my next page I will share some of our restoration projects.

reupholstering an ottoman

reupholstering an ottoman

bicycle restoration project

bicycle restoration project


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