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Do you remember Western Auto?

Western Auto was a specialty retail that supplied auto parts and accessories. Also was known for  selling Western Flyer bicycle.  I remember back in the 70’s, when I was a little girl, my mom used to shop for auto parts for her car. While waiting for her, I had to look at the bikes. My eyes were all over. Wow! Nice bicycles. I have never had one of these bicycles as a kid.  But now there are some in our vintage collection at The Vintage Lab.  Later on I will add in the gallery additional images of the different ones we are working on.

Western Flyer

Western Flyer


Qui a dit que la literie animaux ne peut pas être une partie de votre décor vintage?

imageNous aimons nos animaux de compagnie, pas de doutes à ce sujet. Mais quand il vient aux animaux et la décoration de la maison, il ya quelque chose qui ne vont pas de pair. Nous avons toujours donné notre animal de compagnie un endroit sûr et confortable pour se reposer. Litière pour animaux de compagnie traditionnelle n’offrait pas autant options de couleur ou de style que nous aimerions. Mais heureusement, en ces temps modernes, nous sommes en mesure d’offrir à nos précieux literie animaux d’être jaloux à ce sujet. Il ya tellement d’options à choisir la couleur, les styles, les matériaux et plus encore. Maintenant, vous n’avez pas à les cacher plus quand vous avez fini de recevoir des visiteurs.

Je voulais faire mon chien literie qui pourrait être chic et pratique. Mon chien aime à regarder les écureuils et les lapins à travers la fenêtre. Alors j’ai pensé que ça doit être grand pour atteindre la fenêtre. Et les choses les plus importantes, il doit y avoir une extension de mon décor. C’est à quoi il ressemble. Ta Daa!

Who says pets bedding can’t be part of your vintage home decor?

We love our pets, no doubts about it. But when it comes to pets and home decor it is something that weren’t going hand by hand.  We have always gave our pet a safe and comfortable place to rest. Traditional pet bedding didn’t  offer as many color or style options we would love to.  But luckily in these modern days, we are able to offer our precious pets a bedding to be jealous about it. There are so many options to choose from color, styles, materials and more. Now you don’t have to hide them any more when you have visitors.

I wanted to make my dog a bedding that could be chic and practical. My dog loves to watch the squirrels and rabbits through the window. So I thought it has to be tall to reach the window. And the most important things it has to be an extension of my home decor. This is what it looks like. Ta  Daa!

You can either put your favorite pet's toys

I put her toys on the bottom

Roll it anywhere you want to

Chic and practical

Chic and practical


Roll it anywhere you want it

You can use the space to store magazines or anything else

Materials used:

  • Crate wooden box
  • minwax wood finish stain classic gray
  • paint brush, rag or foam brush
  • set of caster wheels (with brakes)
  • fine or medium sand paper (needed for rough wood)
do not sacrifice style

1952 Jetliner Diecast Bicycle

limited edition, scale 1:5 model, credit: images 2013  by The Vintage LabImage


Unique Vintemporary Formula

I love my contemporary furniture. But I also like vintage decor. So, how to mix both style ?  How to combine vintage with contemporary?  These are the variables. The  common denominator between the two of them is you, your ideas and the methods used as an unique factors.

Lets solve : Vintemporary

Modern contemporary + (Vintage x DIY)=  Vintemporary

Vintemporary = ( Modern Contemporary + ( Vintage x DIY)

= ( Big Furniture Pieces + (Small Accessories/Decor x reupholster, re invent, re-use)

=  sofa + (used mason jars x re purposed)

= sofa + table lamp

= vintemporary

= the best of the past and your present

Another way to get a vintemporary style:

Ex. Upholstering  a vintage chair with a contemporary fabric in bright colors or bold patterns… simply “vintemporary”.

The result of the formula reads: home decor is equal you.  It is a combination of the best of your past and who you are at the present and what would be the reflection of your future.

What do you think? Could you put in practice Vintemporary  styles. Do your homework and feel free to post a link of  images  that you consider  pertaining to this topic. I would like to read your comments .

The Vintage Lab: Hall of Fame

To our followers:  As we learn and grow as bloggers, we like to give you

many more reasons to continue to follows us. Our expectations as vintage enthusiasts are:

  • to hunt for vintage finds
  • revive, repurpose, re use them
  • to mix old with new

Because you know  who you are. We would like to thank you for your interest. Hope you continue to enjoy  my posts. In the line of vintage, blending past with present,

so now you are In the Hall of Fame 5 Followers!!

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because you like us



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I am in tune with vintage


Radio antenna by Intensitronics

Radio antenna by Intensitronics



This is my new addition to our radio and accessories category.

It is called  a SELECT A TENNA. If you haven’t seen some like it before,  it is AM radio antenna from the 70’s.

The idea was to aid weak radio station so you could hear them better. I have not tried yet. But one thing I am sure about it, it does make a great addition to my decor.  I am in tune with vintage!

“Off the chain”


“Off the chain”.  expression meaning da bomb, really good, crazy,  fantastic or awesome.  Just like my  vintage sign. I have made this sign for my husband.  I have used a  bicycle chain to spell out the word ” bike” and a couple of bicycle sprocket. There were glued using clear silicone on a reclaimed piece of wood that I got from inside of an  old bicycle shop. Now it is placed at a wall as part of our vintage collection at The Vintage Lab.  Nice isn’t it?

A day at The Vintage Lab

A day at The Vintage Lab