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Unique Vintemporary Formula

I love my contemporary furniture. But I also like vintage decor. So, how to mix both style ?  How to combine vintage with contemporary?  These are the variables. The  common denominator between the two of them is you, your ideas and the methods used as an unique factors.

Lets solve : Vintemporary

Modern contemporary + (Vintage x DIY)=  Vintemporary

Vintemporary = ( Modern Contemporary + ( Vintage x DIY)

= ( Big Furniture Pieces + (Small Accessories/Decor x reupholster, re invent, re-use)

=  sofa + (used mason jars x re purposed)

= sofa + table lamp

= vintemporary

= the best of the past and your present

Another way to get a vintemporary style:

Ex. Upholstering  a vintage chair with a contemporary fabric in bright colors or bold patterns… simply “vintemporary”.

The result of the formula reads: home decor is equal you.  It is a combination of the best of your past and who you are at the present and what would be the reflection of your future.

What do you think? Could you put in practice Vintemporary  styles. Do your homework and feel free to post a link of  images  that you consider  pertaining to this topic. I would like to read your comments .


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