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Home Christmas Vignette

Christmas Vignette

Christmas Vignette


This year I didn’t use my traditional Christmas tree. So I decided to create a Christmas vignette. All my Christmas decor was stored out my house. All I had available in the house was this vintage props. Last night I came up with this vignette.

The Vintage Lab wish you a Merry Merry Christmas.


The Golden Green Chair

Hi. Wow, as the holidays are approaching we are working hard to finish the last projects of the year at The Vintage lab.  This makeover I am going to name it The Golden Green , it is a cane back chair my husband got a few months ago. See  the transformation yourself. Click on image for description.

Boho Chic Decoupage Divider

Boho chic

Boho Chic Divider

I always wanted to have a room divider that I could renew using style. At every garage sale I visited always looked until I finally found one for $ 7.00. I removed the white material and wooden rods.

Divider before

Divider before


This is how it looked before I got the  image from another website. I forgot to take a before picture of my project.

  • Scrap book paper
  • mod podge for decoupage technique
  • decorative tags
  • straw rope
  • Sequins
  • patience

I love my vintage decor.

Aqua Frame

I have bought this white frame at garage sale a few months ago with the purpose of making a jewelry display.  It was time to start working on it. I have painted it and these are the images of the procedures. I am very pleased with the result.

now is ready for the photo shoot

Qui a dit que la literie animaux ne peut pas être une partie de votre décor vintage?

imageNous aimons nos animaux de compagnie, pas de doutes à ce sujet. Mais quand il vient aux animaux et la décoration de la maison, il ya quelque chose qui ne vont pas de pair. Nous avons toujours donné notre animal de compagnie un endroit sûr et confortable pour se reposer. Litière pour animaux de compagnie traditionnelle n’offrait pas autant options de couleur ou de style que nous aimerions. Mais heureusement, en ces temps modernes, nous sommes en mesure d’offrir à nos précieux literie animaux d’être jaloux à ce sujet. Il ya tellement d’options à choisir la couleur, les styles, les matériaux et plus encore. Maintenant, vous n’avez pas à les cacher plus quand vous avez fini de recevoir des visiteurs.

Je voulais faire mon chien literie qui pourrait être chic et pratique. Mon chien aime à regarder les écureuils et les lapins à travers la fenêtre. Alors j’ai pensé que ça doit être grand pour atteindre la fenêtre. Et les choses les plus importantes, il doit y avoir une extension de mon décor. C’est à quoi il ressemble. Ta Daa!

Renewing a Vintage Decorative Bottle

On a thrifty day with my sister-in-law, she bought this Bottle.Wow! Why would she  buy something like this?Knowing her as I much as I do, I have to say it wasn’t her color or style. But I didn’t know she had the idea of leaving the bottle with me. She said I am going to leave it so you do something nice. In other words, fix it!

This is the result. I have to admit it stresses me out not knowing what would I do to it. I have never done anything like painting on glass. But I after  I got inspired, it wasn’t bad at all. The feedback from friends and family was great.

I have used Martha’s Steward specialty gold paint for glass and DecoArt Americana Gloss Enamel Paint 2 oz. #87 Indian Turquoise. I loved the paint effect.



Great bicycle, 1943 BSA Roadster wartime finish

1944 BSA women's bicycle

1943 BSA women’s bicycle




BSA chainring

BSA chainring

BSA original handlebar grips

British Bicycle

British Bicycle


BSA chainring

Allow me to introduce to you our 1943 BSA Roadster. It is displayed at our home courtyard which is an extension of  our  vintage home decor.

I am in tune with vintage


Radio antenna by Intensitronics

Radio antenna by Intensitronics



This is my new addition to our radio and accessories category.

It is called  a SELECT A TENNA. If you haven’t seen some like it before,  it is AM radio antenna from the 70’s.

The idea was to aid weak radio station so you could hear them better. I have not tried yet. But one thing I am sure about it, it does make a great addition to my decor.  I am in tune with vintage!